AMC Coupons

AMC CouponsAMC coupons can provide you with discounts and savings next time you venture off to the theater to enjoy your next flick!

What’s New With AMC Coupons?

April: AMC Coupons for Free Small Popcorn weekend!
March: 6 new AMC Coupons for <coupons expired>

AMC Coupons and Savings

There are tons of savings to be had and what more perfect timing than the holidays and the start of a new year!  Discounts, buy one get one free offers, printable coupons, coupon codes, bonus AMC Movie Watcher Rewards coupons, and specially priced discount tickets can all be had from various online sources.  Coupon codes can be used to purchase your tickets online at great savings, while the printable AMC coupons can be used to redeem great savings at the concession stands.  The majority of the movie coupons found online are for discounts on concession items and “buy one, get one free” offers.

After spending only a few minutes searching the internet, we found some AMC coupons offering a Free Medium Popcorn and Free Medium Fountain Drink at any AMC theater with the purchase of tickets (expires December 31st, 2010).  Above is the link to the AMC coupons we found today.  Their rewards program (which you can get free from the AMC website) offers you 2 points for every ticket you buy and gets you free concessions or tickets for ever 10 points you earn.  Just in time for the holidays!  While the kids are out of school, and parents are taking it easy after a long year of working, there are a ton of great movies out there that are sure to bring a smile to your face, or glue you to your seat (with anticipation and excitement… not gum).

A Little About AMC Theaters

First opened in Kansas City, MO in 1920, AMC Theaters first now operates 307 theaters and 4,610 screens across the United States and in four other countries.  AMC is no ordinary theater chain, they have been credited with inventing the multi-plex theater concept, as well as the invention of the movie theater cup holder!  They have been featured on various television shows such as The Sopranos, Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right, The Apprentice, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

If you would like to learn more about the theater and AMC coupons, this page offers information and links on where to find the latest coupons and deals for AMC.